With a Basic Webdesign Package you get everything you need to start up your online presence. It consists of one page where you will be able to say who you are, where you are and contact details. We will also do a unique design for your company including logo/header, style (colours/layout etc) and advertisement if needed/wanted.

We will discuss the best domain name for your business and purchase it when decided. If your primarily looking for hosting please check out a SSD VPS. A solid state drive virtual private server offers better performance, especially for database driven sites. We will ask for a brief outline of what you are looking for and then we will get straight to work with your one page site. If you decide to have more than one page, for example you would like a seperate page for the contact details the price will not go up too much but you will be paying for a bit more.

Since advertising our £49.99 website (One page site/Basic web design package) they have been pretty successfull and the demands are become greater.  Like many of our clients if they choose the basic web design package first, they soon come back to us when the business has lifted off and ask for a more standard or premium site so they can add more pages and info.


  • Bespoke design
  • Hosting account
  • Domain name
  • Unlimited email addresses

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